Production in HD mode CINELIKE gamma (cinematic) 1080p: limitless creativity filmed in low depth of field through the use of cameras planes equipped with sensors 4/3 (similar fashion 35mm film)

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Voice domain

Albane Carrère Mezzo-soprano

Alain Gahima Counter tenor

Amélie Renglet Soprano

Anaïs Brullez Mezzo-soprano

Elise Smout Choir and orchestra

Etienne Rappe Pianist, choir and orchestra

Joris Bosman Tenor

Pauline Cleas mezzo-soprano

Rita Matos Alves Soprano

Shadi Torbey Bass

Instrumental domain

Alain Gahima Flute

Aria Chamber orchestra

Camille Ledocq Cello

CSN Symphonic Choir of Namur

Elise Smout Choir and orchestra

Eric Bettens Composer of music themed films

Etienne Rappe Pianist, choir and orchestra

Martin Descamps marimba

Michel Poskin Violinist

Patrick Baton Choir and orchestra

Paul Heyman Cello

Sébastien Walnier Cello

Sophie Causanschi Violinist

Terra Nova Choir

Terra Nova Symphonic orchestra

The Elegiac quartet with piano

Vincent Royer Violinist (alto)

Vilmos Csikos Violinist