Production in HD mode CINELIKE gamma (cinematic) 1080p: limitless creativity filmed in low depth of field through the use of cameras planes equipped with sensors 4/3 (similar fashion 35mm film)

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Easy professional video, accessible to all


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Our target is to provide you with an audio-video production:

Technical aspects of our productions

our target is to provide you with a video-audio production


our target is to provide you with a video-audio production

For actors, actresses, actors, extras, singers, dancers and choreographers, a very interesting opportunity to see and / or hear is such that the public has discovered in their stage performance, in other words, reverse the roles: the actor becomes the viewer. So then allow them to make their own self-criticism free from all media and artistic prejudices.

Video production, it is also an opportunity to raise awareness for artists, size sensations and feelings they can convey to the public of their game actors or singers, beginners, amateurs or professionals . It is finally an effective way for artists to be seen first, to correct, to develop their artistic research and finally flourish in this area so rich in human feelings.

For the interested public that you are a video production, it is also one of the most convenient ways to share with your family, friends or relations, intense moments, unforgettable and perhaps discover to your surprise more than one of you to the soul of an artist just waiting to unfold.

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