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Terra Nova - Symphonic orchestra

Presentation :

Founded in 1990 as an adjunct of the choir Terra Nova, he accompanied strings and flutes for parts of concerts, the orchestra Terra Nova has grown to reach the strength of a symphony orchestra capable of perform the works of classical and romantic eras. Its founder and leader, Etienne Rappe is pianist and all young professional musicians "Aria."

The repertoire of Terra Nova has expanded considerably over the years. Nearly a hundred works of Baroque, classical and romantic have so far been performed in concert, and in all genres: symphonic music, concertos, works great with soloists, chorus and orchestra. These were during several musical journeys abroad. In reduced training, the group goes green every two years in a village in the Cevennes, for a more relaxed musical training.

The band Terra Nova participated several years, with the Academy of Auderghem, an educational project highlighting young soloists.

He joined occasionally in concert with various vocal groups, but Terra Nova is the choir from the beginning his regular partner for major musical projects, such as recently Alexander's Feast by Handel and Puccini's Messa di Gloria. In 2011 and 2012, the two groups were also created operatório Yvain, the Knight of the Lion, made for them by Eric Bettens, with a libretto by Marc Ronvaux.

2 years, Elise Smout, young conductor, joined the band Terra Nova and sharing management with Etienne Rappe.