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Codes of Intellectual Property:

Art. L. 211-4. - The duration of the economic rights of this title shall be fifty years from 1 January

of the calendar year following the year:

1 From the interpretation performers.

2 From the first fixation of a sequence of sounds for producers of phonograms.

3 In the first fixation of a with or without sound for video producers image sequence.

Art. L.212-3. Are subject to the written authorization performer:

the fixation of his performance, reproduction and communication to the public, as well as any separate

sound and image of the service when it was set to use both sound and image.

Neighboring rights of copyright:

The extracts of works on this site have been the subject of a request for authorization from each performer or their rights under Articles L 211 beneficiaries - 4 and L 212-3 of the Code of Intellectual Property. However, if a person or entity had not been consulted and that calls for the withdrawal of one or more works, these works would be removed within 48 hours upon receipt of a letter sent by registered mail and after check the validity of the request.

For our postal address for an eventual

withdrawal, please visit our contact page.

If we simply forgot to mention one person or entity and want to see your name associated with a work, you can

also send us your request via our email

Properties & rights